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Paramount still has a Queen of Swords site on their website. This is an excellent site, and well worth visitingThey also have a very nice page on Tessie Santiago.


The official Queen of Swords site has background info, news, a forum and  downloadable pictures and wallpapers.

Maril Swan has compiled an impressive list of Queen of Swords sites on her Quill & Pen site.

Holzheimer's Distribution is offering free Queen of Swords temporary tattoos. To get one send an SASE and an extra stamp to: 

Holzheimer's Distribution
280 S. Oakland Ave. #4
Pasadena, CA 91101

Highlander Fan Central also has info about Queen of Swords, including an in-depth interview with Roberta Brown who was one of Tessie Santiago's stunt doubles on the series. Look for an interview with Peter Wingfield as well.

The official PWFC website has some entertaining notes from the set written by Peter Wingfield, who plays Dr. Robert Helm on the series.

An unofficial Anthony Lemke site

Starring Paulina Galvez

Jose Feliciano wrote and performed the theme music, Behind the Mask

Godiva's Queen of Swords site

There are episode guides at and at Xena fans will be familiar with Whoosh!, and they now have an episode guide for Queen of Swords. These guides don't always agree on the airing dates of each episode, so please check your local listings for upcoming episodes as well.

There is an active mailing list for Queen of Swords. To join, go to  or send a message to  Remember to include the 'The' in the name if you don't link from here.

There is also a media list for Queen of Swords. No chat but any media updates are gathered and posted to this list.

If you have a Queen of Swords related site you would like linked, please e-mail it to me. Thanks!

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