Director: George Mendeluk
Writer: Elizabeth Baxter

Regular cast:  
Tessie Santiago: 
   Tessa Alvarado/Queen of Swords

Paulina Gálvez: Marta
Valentine Pelka:
   Col. Luis Ramirez Montoya
Anthony Lemke:
   Capt. Marcus Grisham
Elsa Pataky: Vera Hidalgo
Taco González: Don Hidalgo

Guest cast:
Luisa Villarreal: Lola
Stephen Billington: Bernard

Vera Hidalgo's carriage is attacked and she's kidnapped. Once the carriage is stopped, Vera is shocked to see who has kidnapped her. She obviously knows the bandit leader and fears he will reveal what he knows about her past

After Vera's empty carriage, with ransom note inside, dashes into the pueblo, Don Gaspar is desperate to save his wife. Don Gaspar has just paid his taxes to Montoya and hasn't the ready cash to pay the ransom for Vera. Montoya surprises Gaspar when he agrees to lend the tax money for the ransom. Grisham is to deliver the ransom. Montoya plots with an extremely reluctant Grisham to keep the ransom money. Montoya wants get the Hidalgo hacienda for non-payment of taxes.

Grisham delivers the ransom but the kidnapper, Bernardo, wants to keep not only the gold but Vera as well. The Queen comes to Vera's rescue after Grisham and his men are overpowered and returns Vera to Santa Helena, but the bandits still have the ransom.

Montoya sends Grisham out to recover the gold as Don Hidalgo celebrates the safe return of his wife. Vera is troubled and concerned that her past will destroy her life with Gustav and she confides in Tessa.

Will the Queen be able to recover the ransom gold in time to save the Hidalgo's hacienda from Montoya and Vera's reputation from her past?

text © 2001 Gail Allan
pictures © 2000 Paramount TV