Director: Brian Grant
Writer: Durnford King

Regular cast:  
Tessie Santiago: Tessa Alvarado/Queen of Swords
Paulina Gálvez: Marta
Valentine Pelka: Col. Luis Ramirez Montoya
Anthony Lemke: Capt. Marcus Grisham
Elsa Pataky: Vera Hidalgo
Peter Wingfield: Dr. Robert Helm

Guest cast:
Ramon Camin: Raul
Gael Garcia Bernal: Churi

Montoya's soldiers are attacked while looting a gold death mask from an Indian burial ground. The attacker is the dead man's son, Churi, who is beaten down and left unconscious while the soldiers load the loot into a wagon to return to the pueblo. Churi follows and attempts to retrieve the stolen mask and is captured in the attempt.

Tessa, investigating her father's murder, goes into a stable to meet a witness, Raul - a deserter on the run from Montoya's troops. Churi, fleeing Grisham, runs into the stables. To protect Raul, Tessa gives away Churi's position and the Indian is recaptured, only to find that Raul had fled with her gold. Tessa finds out from an angry Dr. Helm that Churi is not a thief but a grieving son trying to recover his father's burial mask. Grisham also recaptures Raul, and both men are in Montoya's jail. The Queen breaks both out, and as they flee Churi is shot. Raul runs off, and the Queen takes Churi to Dr. Helm for treatment. Helm agrees to treat the injured man, blaming the Queen for getting him shot.

Back home, Raul, who is lurking outside the window, sees Tessa in the Queen's costume minus her mask. He returns to Santa Helena to betray the Queen to Montoya.

Will Tessa be revealed as the Queen? Will Churi recover his father's death mask in time to complete his people's ceremonies? Will Dr. Helm be ally to Montoya or the Queen? 

©2001 Gail Allan