Director: Paulo Barzman
Writer: Scott Kraft

Regular cast:  
Tessie Santiago: Tessa Alvarado/Queen of Swords
Paulina Gálvez: Marta
Valentine Pelka: Col. Luis Ramirez Montoya
Anthony Lemke: Capt. Marcus Grisham
Peter Wingfield: Dr. Robert Helm

Guest cast:
Jesús Temino: Enrique
Irene González: Pira

A deadly fever has the pueblo by the throat. Grisham is out conscripting peasants to fill the ranks of Montoya's depleted army. Enrique is one of Grisham's conscripts whose wife is down with the fever. Tessa wants to free Enrique but Marta reminds her this is not a problem you can solve with your sword. If Enrique becomes a deserter he will never be able to return to his family.

Dr. Helm is working to make more medicine to combat the fever. When Montoya comes down ill he is outraged that Helm has been giving the medicine to ill peasants instead of him. Enrique working in Montoya's office overhears him tell Helm that all the medicine is for him alone. Montoya doesn't care who else dies.

Helm is attacked by Enrique, who knocks him out and steals the medicine. Grisham sees the assault but instead of stopping Enrique blames the Queen for the theft. Later Grisham kills Enrique and steals the medicine.

Grisham, in a bid to be colonel, is trying to kill Montoya by withholding the medicine he so desperately needs.

Marta is ill with the fever, the medicine is gone, and the pueblo has turned against the Queen who they hold responsible for the stolen medicine.

When Dr. Helm's office is blown up he finds a fuse cap in the wreckage and takes it to Montoya. The plot to kill Montoya by destroying the doctor's office is revealed. Will Helm and the Queen recover the stolen medicine in time to save Marta, Montoya and the pueblo?

©2000 Gail Allan