Episode Guide

Episodes are listed in the order they were originally aired. Clicking on an episode name will bring up the synopsis

00101 Destiny
00102 Death to the Queen
00105 Fever
00104 Vengeance
00107 Witness
00106 Duel with a Stranger
00108 Running Wild
00103 Honor thy Father
00110 The Counterfeit Queen
00112 The Serpent
00115 The Pact
00116 The Emissary
00117 Kidnapped
00114 The Uncle
00119 Runaways
00109 The Hanged Man
00111 Return
00113 The Pretender
00120 Takes a Thief
00118 The Dragon
00121 End of Days
00122 Betrayed


Note: The episode summaries are copyright to Gail Allan and originally appeared in the VPFC newsletter, The Actor's Palette. Please check with Gail before using them elsewhere. Where a summary is not yet available, I have just included any details known about an episode.

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