Director: Richard Martin
Writer: Elizabeth Keyishian

Regular cast:  
Tessie Santiago: Tessa Alvarado/Queen of Swords
Paulina Gálvez: Marta
Valentine Pelka: Col. Luis Ramirez Montoya
Anthony Lemke: Capt. Marcus Grisham
Elsa Pataky: Vera Hidalgo
Taco González: Don Hidalgo

Guest cast:
Cristián de la Fuente: Antonio
Eduardo Recabarren: Pietro

Montoya hires Spain's finest swordsman to kill the Queen. Antonio, a Spanish noble fallen on hard times, quickly shows up both Montoya's soldiers and Capt. Grisham in a test of swordsmanship. Montoya lays a trap for the Queen by spreading a rumor he will move his gold to a safer location.

Tessa's life as the Queen seems to hang heavy as she gets ready to go to Montoya's party in an attempt to gather information on the gold shipment. There she sees Antonio, her old love who went to war two years ago. It's apparent the two still care for each other. Antonio asks Tessa to meet him in the church after he finishes his business - never suspecting that he has been hired to kill his old love. Montoya springs his trap for the Queen. When the Queen stops the gold coach she finds her love inside with a sword. Rather then face him she flees.

Tessa meets Antonio in the church as arranged and learns his family home and fortune are gone. He will have money to restore his family fortunes once he finishes his job here, then they can marry.

Marta tries to talk sense to Tessa. Antonio may love Tessa but will he also love the Queen? The Queen goes to Antonio's room to explain. When Antonio insists on a duel to the death she escapes and flees with him in pursuit. Eventually, Antonio finds her and during a fight snatches away the Queen's mask to reveal his love Tessa. What will Antonio do? Will he betray his love and sell the Queen to Montoya?

©2001 Gail Allan