Director: Jon Cassar
Writer: Jocelyne Simmons

Regular cast:  
Tessie Santiago: Tessa Alvarado/Queen of Swords
Paulina Gálvez: Marta
Valentine Pelka: Col. Luis Ramirez Montoya
Anthony Lemke: Capt. Marcus Grisham
Peter Wingfield: Dr. Robert Helm
Elsa Pataky: Vera Hidalgo
Taco González: Don Hidalgo

Guest cast:
Cristina Segovia: Louisa
Javier Lago: Sgt. Alonzo
Lucas Fuica: Torlio
Louis Miguel Arranz: Amaldo
Chelcho Losanda: Peoro

At a gold mine, soldiers are guarding the workers. Grisham is displeased with the progress. Sgt. Alonzo explains the workers are ill, more are needed to keep Montoya's tight schedule. Because of a mysterious illness they are way behind. A new arrival tries to escape and falls to his death.

At the pueblo the supply ship is late, supplies are running out. The pickings at the market are meager. Tessa spots the last apple in a basket, but as she goes to pick it up, the apple is snatched away by a grubby, hungry man. The pueblo's new doctor, Robert Helm, has arrived. Montoya comes over, greets the Doctor and the two men walk off talking.

The ship will bring not only needed supplies, but also a canon for Montoya. Grisham warns that if more men disappear, the Queen of Swords will find out. Montoya agrees. Of course the Queen of Swords will find out. And they will be waiting for her.

The Queen rides into a trap and is shot. Fighting her way out she takes a terrifying fall from a cliff into the ocean.

Montoya doesn't believe the Queen is dead and sets a trap at a party in honor of the new doctor. Marta assists the wounded Queen to barely escape Montoya's trap.

Dr. Helm is recruited to treat the sick miners. The Queen is captured and held for the arrival of Montoya. Will the new doctor be an ally of Montoya's or the Queen?

©2000 Gail Allan