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10/18/03 If you haven't seen Under The Tuscan Sun yet (and if you haven't, why haven't you? It's great) is still in many theaters. Catch it before it's gone.

9/8/03 Valentine to attend PWFC convention

8/13/03 Valentine's latest movie Under The Tuscan Sun, starring Diane Lane, is set to be released in the US on September 26th.

8/13/03 Valentine has just finished filming a small role in the upcoming latest Prime Suspect mini series.

8/5/03 Rowing with the Wind is now available for order on DVD at Amazon and elsewhere.

5/30/03 The Pianist DVD is now available, in both widescreen and full screen versions.

Clicking on the above links will take you to If you want to see more of Valentine's work available on video/DVD please click here.

4/8/03 The Pianist DVD is due to be released on May 27th. It is now available for pre-order from and other retailers.

Meanwhile, due to the boost it got from its Oscar wins, The Pianist has expanded the number of theaters it's playing at, so if you haven't seen it yet it might now be at your local cinema.

3/25/03 Congratulations to Roman Polanski, Adrien Brody and Ronald Harwood for their Oscar wins for The Pianist.  Polanski won for best director, Harwood for best adapted screenplay, and Brody for best actor. VPFC president Gail Allan spoke to Valentine after the awards and, as one would expect, he was thrilled. He had actually been predicting that Adrien Brody would win the Oscar from the moment he filmed the movie.

2/23/03 Congratulations to Roman Polanski and The Pianist, winner of both best director and best film at the BAFTAs (the British equivalent of the Oscars). The film did even better at the French movie awards, winning seven Cesars, including best director, best film and best actor.

2/23/03 Thanks for your birthday wishes for Valentine. They have been collected and sent to him.

2/11/03 Oscar nominations were just announced, and The Pianist was recognized in several categories - best actor for Adrien Brody, best adapted screenplay for Ronald Harwood, best director for Roman Polanski, and best film. Also cinematography, costume design and film editing. Congratulations to everyone involved! Winners will be announced March 23rd.

2/8/03 It's time to send your birthday wishes to Valentine. We will collect them and send them on to Valentine later this month.

1/20/03 Unfortunately, The Pianist did not win any Golden Globes. However, those on the VPFC list who have seen it (including me!) are saying how wonderful it is, so when it eventually comes to your area you have to see it.

1/10/03 The Pianist is up for several Golden Globes. You can watch the telecast live on your local NBC station on Sunday January 19th at 8pm ET.

1/8/03 Look for The Pianist to open wider this week, though it's still only in a few cities. Check online to see if it's showing in your area at Moviefone or Fandango

12/23/02 Thanks to everyone who sent us their holiday messages for Valentine. They have now been collected and sent to him.

12/19/02 Awards season is beginning, and Valentine's movie The Pianist is in contention for several awards. The Boston Society of Film Critics chose The Pianist as best film, Roman Polanski as best director, and Adrien Brody, the film's star, as best actor. The movie is up for best dramatic film at the Golden Globes, along with Brody as best actor in a dramatic film. It was also nominated for best movie by the Broadcast Film Critics, and Polanski was nominated as best director. The Pianist is still set for release December 27th in New York and Los Angeles, with wider release to follow early in the new year.

12/12/02 The new 2003 VPFC calendar is now available. We also have three new 8x10s for sale. See calendar/photos

11/22/02 It's time to send your holiday greetings to Valentine. The link will be up until mid-December when the messages will be collected and sent to Valentine.

9/24/02 Valentine is currently in Italy filming the new Diane Lane movie, Under the Tuscan Sun. It is based on the best selling book of the same name by Frances Mayes.

9/24/02 Valentine's episode of Robin of Sherwood is due to be released on DVD in the UK on October 21st. The episode is The Sheriff of Nottingham and is on the season 3, episodes 4-6 DVD.

9/22/02 Look for an interview with Valentine in the new issue of the British  magazine Impact, due out soon.

8/18/02 According to the latest Entertainment Weekly, The Pianist is set for a December 27th release in the US.

8/3/02 if you're in the UK watch out for Valentine in a new mobile phone commercial featuring tennis player Steffi Graff.

7/5/02 The current newsletters were mailed today, so be on the lookout for them.

5/27/02 Valentine's new movie, the Roman Polanski film The Pianist, just won the coveted Palm D'Or, the main prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Congratulations to Mr. Polanski - and of course to Valentine! Click here for Yahoo! news coverage.

Also, Queen of Swords is currently showing or will be shown in several countries around the world, including Europe and Israel, so watch out for it.

3/5/02 Queen of Swords fans might be interested in March 8th's ER episode. There is a sword fight in it choreographed by Roberta Brown, who was a sword double for Tessa on the series. Click on the picture to see the full size one.

cover3/1/02 Hold the Dream is being released on DVD on April 9th. Valentine had a small role in this miniseries, originally released in 1986. Click on the picture to order from, or check out everything Amazon has with Valentine in.

3/1/02 There is now an official website for The Pianist, the upcoming Roman Polanski film that Valentine is in. So far there is a Flash trailer available. You can view a Quicktime trailer at


2/23/02 Ivanhoe is finally being released on DVD on March 26th. Click on the picture to order from, or check out everything Amazon has with Valentine in.

2/23/02 Thanks to everyone who sent in their birthday greetings. Messages have been collected and will be passed on to Valentine.

1/14/02 Thanks to everyone who sent holiday greetings to Valentine. 

1/14/02  The VPFC 2002 Calendar is still available for sale. 15 full colour glossy pages,  featuring many of Valentine's roles. See details and order online.

1/14/02 TV/movies update

11/29/01 Queen of Swords is now for sale on videotape. You can order online at 

8/5/01 More on The Pianist. The film is now in post production, with a possible release date of January 2002. Valentine's character is called Michal. Also in the film are Richard Ridings, Silas from Highlander: The Series, and Ed Stoppard, Ambassador Ramirez from Queen of Swords.

Thanks to Jeanette Cliff and Mary Laiuppa for some of the above.

5/21/01 As you may know, a lawsuit was filed by the copyright holders of Zorro, alleging that Queen of Swords was based on a character from the Zorro comics from the mid nineties, Lady Rawhide. Recently, an attorney for them has been signing onto various Queen of Swords related lists and either asking the lists if they were confused into thinking that the show was part of the Zorro universe, or actually e-mailing individuals whose names he got from the archives of those lists. We would like people who weren't confused to e-mail or write to David Abromowitz and let him know this. If Zorro's lawyers want fan responses for their side of the lawsuit, it would be a good idea for David Abramowitz to have fan responses as well. Write to him care of Holzheimer's Distribution:

Mr. David Abramowitz
C/O Holzheimer's Distribution
280 S. Oakland Ave #4
Pasadena CA 91101

or via e-mail at

5/12/01 Valentine has a small role in the upcoming Roman Polanski film, The Pianist, currently filming in Europe. The film is based on the autobiography of Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman. I'll post more details as they become available. Some more information on the film can be found at and 

5/11/01 It appears that the fight to save Queen of Swords has been unsuccessful. Thanks to everyone who wrote letters in support of the show.

Sabotage! Valentine has a small role in this upcoming comedy about Napoleon, Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo, which stars David Suchet, Stephen Fry and Alexandra Vandernoot. See the Sabotage! official website for more information. There are lots of video clips (not in English) and photos, though I have yet to find any with Valentine in.

2/24/01 The April issue (#112) of the British magazine Impact has a feature on screen bad guys, with Valentine heavily featured. It should be on sale March 22nd. Impact doesn't currently have online ordering for single issues, but they can be ordered by phone. In the UK call 01484 435011, from the US call 011 44 1484 435011 (check calling codes to the UK from other countries). Questions can be sent to

2/10/01 There is an interview with Valentine in TV Zone Special, Sword and Sorcery issue (#40). It can be ordered online at the TV Zone website.

Last of the Blonde Bombshells was released in the US (DVD only) in February. You can order it, and much of Valentine's other work, online at It was released some time ago in the UK.

1/31/01 Click here for a message from Valentine's PA, MaryLee Holzheimer